East Campbell Fire Department

The East Campbell Fire Department was started in 1961 by a group of men that met at the Red School House on Dry Run Rd to form a fire dept. for Campbell Fire District #2. A charter was drawn up on 10/3/61 with 84 charter members - Active and Booster. The first fire house was the East Campbell voting booth, then the town board passed a resolution to give the dept. a five year lease and granted permission to build an addition to house the 1st fire truck, which was obtained on 10/16/61 from the Scio Fire Dept., completely outfitted with suction pumps, 300 Ft of hose, ladders, bar lights, a stretcher, fire extinguishers, and booster lines. The truck was a 1939 engine with a 300 gallon capacity tank. In April 1966, a 32'X 80' fire house was built, part was fire bays and other part recreation hall.