Siler City Fire Department

In the town of Siler City municipal action for fire protection was taken in February of 1896 when the town commissioners appropriated twenty dollars to buy ladders for use in case of fire. One week later is was reported that a hook and ladder company had been organized. At a meeting of the town commissioners of June 6, 1905, the following entry was made -- ?On motion made and carried the Marshall was instructed to get up all fire buckets, ladders, tools, etc. belonging to the town.? During this period water for use against fires was carried from creeks, wells or storage barrels in buckets by men who volunteered on the spot. Our department is a public department whose members are on a paid per call status, we have one full time firefighters. The department assists the EMS on wrecks and other calls when needed. We provide Mutual aid to the following departments: Bennett, Bonlee, Coleridge, Silk Hope and Staley. Our ISO rating is 5.