LEWISTOWN FIRE DEPARTMENT proudly protects 9000.00 people living in an area of 2 square miles. We operate out of 3 stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.

For nearly a century and a half of the over 200 years since the first settlers staked out claims and built their log cabins in and about Lewistown there has been organized firefighting in the community.It was in 1814 that the first mention was made in local newspapers of the formation of a fire company,and the following year borough council passed an ordinance requiring each householder to provide himself with two leather buckets to be kept handy for use in the case of fire.Nearly another 100 years passed before the fire companies of the borough were formed into a Fire Department under a Fire Chief in 1910.By 1904 four fire companys were in existence in the borough.The Henderson Fire Company #1 and the Fame Fire Company #2 were formed in the early 1850's.In 1897 the Brooklyn Hose Company #3 was formed to cover the growth south of the Kishacoquillas creek.At the turn of the century Lewistown was about to experience one of the greatest periods of growth in its history,and by 1904 another fire company was needed.On October 24,1904 the City Hook and Ladder #4 was organized.The Fame was the first company to inaugurate ambulance service.The Brooklyn operated an ambulance service for a good number of years choosing to give in to the age of the professional service.The Pennsylvania state Fire Academy being dedicated on the eight-acre site along the Juniata River in Lewistown is the outgrowth of annual one week fire schools first held in 1939.This was the first school in the United States to provide training under actual fire conditions.The location of the school is of interesting historical significance.On the banks of the Juniata River just a stone's throw away the first incendiary fire in these parts occured just a little over 200 years ago when Fort Granville was besieged by a force of French and Indians and burned from July 30-August 1, 1756.The defenders were with out drinking water for two days let alone any firefighting equipment.The Lewistown Fire Department has gone through many trials and tribulations throughout its superb history.The Lewistown Fire Department specilizes in many areas,from its aggressive fire attack,rope rescue,fire investigation and its community involvement.