Lincoln Township Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.

The Lincoln Township Volunteer Fire Department,Inc. proudly provides service to two communities in Newton County,Indiana. Lincoln Township has approximately 1,700 homes and a population of 4,268 people, included are the communities of Roselawn and Thayer. Colfax Township has approximately 75 homes and a population of 176 people. Our area of coverage is 80 miles and is handled by one station. The area is unicorporated and primarily rural setting. The area does not have a public water system, so our only source of water supply is by tanker shuttles. The department was established on December 3rd, 1962 in efforts to fight fires. The department has grown to provide firefighting, vehicle rescue and provide BLS Non-transport, to assist our county's EMS service. The Lincoln Township Volunteer Fire Department,Inc. is completely volunteer and works close with neighboring departments. The departments from Keener Twp., Lake Township., Morocco and Shelby Volunteer Fire Departments assist with mutual aid. As a group, we take pride providing the best service possible, for our communities. This creates a good group of firefighters working together as a team.