Town of Stoughton Fire Department

The Stoughton Fire Department protecting just over 16 square miles with a population of approx 30,000 operates four groups of Twelve Firefighters with a minimum of eleven Firefighters working twenty-four hour shifts. We operate two engine companies, two ladder companies, two A.L.S. ambulances (cross manned by Ladder crew) and one Command Vehicle out of two stations. At full staffing one engine company is manned by one lieutenant and three firefighters, the other by 1 Lt. and 2 FF's. Each ladder company is staffed by two firefighters who also cross staff both ambulances. A Captain (Shift Commander) responds in a Command Vehicle (Chevy Suburban). The department responds to approximately 4700 incidents per year. Administration Administration is housed at station two (2). A Chief of Department, 1 Deputy Chiefs (2nd deputy was lost to budget cuts), (1) Captain of Safety and Training and one (1) Lieutenant in Fire Prevention, and as of 1 July 04 one (1)Lieutenant "EMS Officer" responsible for all EMS issues, along with 2 non uniformed clerical persons make up the administration staff. Dispatchers Civillian dispatchers: 4 full time and 3 per diem Frequency: 453.025,PL TONE 203.5 and our secondary frequency is 453.8125 PL TONE 131.8