West Granville Fire Co. #17

West Granville Fire Co. proudly protects approximately 3000 people living in an area of approximately 25 square miles. We operate out of 1 station that protects a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.

The small village of Strodes Mills is the location of the West Granville Fire Company. The company began with no assets of any sort but rather was started by a group of interested citizens who had a alot of faith in their fellow man and a deep concern for the high fire insurance rate to property owners due to the lack of adequate fire protection. Thirty persons met at the Lockport Baptist Church on January 18,1954 for the purpose of discussing and hopefully organizing a fire company. A.N. Yearick and Harry Shaeffer, firemen from the Lewistown area were present and offered their guidance and assistance. Through sheer desire and determination the hopes of the men materialized and the West Granville Fire Company was chartered on April 19 of the same year. Initial officers were; President-Eugene Ripka; Vice President-Ralph Fowler; Secretary- William Davis and Treasurer-Charles V. Fisher. Several building sites were considered, but after much study and discussion the former Blue Moon Inn then owned by Metro Loope was purchased on July 3, 1954. Most of the companies funds came from holding of dances and suppers. The first apparatus the company had was loaned to them by Daniel Gaich of Pittsburg. The good firemen from Newton Hamilton Fire Company shared in the efforts of equipping the truck. In Sept. of 1954 the company purchased and fully equipped their first truck, a 1947 Dodge with a 900 gallon tank. Just when things were looking up, a tragedy struck and the organization was in despair. In late Novermber of 1958 a fire gutted the building and it was declared a total loss. The debris was cleaned up and plans for a new building was being made. Thanks to community support and generous monetary donations from fire companies from all over Pennsylvania a new facility was built on the same site and dedicated on November 9, 1959. The summer of 1992 a larger engine room was constructed and added to the existing building to accommodate todays larger apparatus. In the fall of 1993 a new E-ONE Sentry pumper was purchased and is presently in service along with a special unit, and a tanker. In the fall of 2003 a new Pierce Tanker was ordered and is expected to be delivered in spring of 2004.