Conicville Vol Fire Dept

The Conicville Volunteer fire dept.was established in August people of the conicville community.These people saw a need for fire protection and with a quicker response to the area. These charter members went out and raised enough money through fund raising to purchase a 1954 ford fire engine that went into service in 1968.Also that year the dept.was built a fire house to use by a local buisness man and charter member Mr. Bill Mumaw. The Mumaw family is atill very active in the dept with a second and third generation fire fighters still involed in the dept.The cvfd is a very close and family oreinted dept with second third and even fourth generation fire fighters in the dept. In 1972 the dept started to add to its apparatus fleet with the addition of a 1972Ford john bean high pressure engine this stayed in service until 2001 when it was retired. In 1977 a dodge brush truck was added.followed in 1985 wtih a 1985 ford fmc pumper.In 1996 we added a tractor trailer tanker this unit has 7000 gallons of water on it and can be filled to 10000 once it is on a scene. Through a program with the va dept of forestery we added a 1984 duplex engine in 2001. And in 2004 we added a smeal pumper with a 1000gallon tank and a 1500gpm pump.This unit is wagon13. In 1994 the dept started a ems first responder program.This program has a 1989 cheavy blaser to run ems calls for the community.The dept also runs a wagon,and pumper on ems calls. The dept is becoming more and more busy running approximatly 200 calls a year.