Cranbury Fire Department

Cranbury Volunteer Fire Dept. proudly protects 3227 people living in an area of 13 square miles. We operate out of one stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is a private department whose members are on a volunteer status.

Sept. 22, 1898, the Cranbury Volunteer Fire Co. was established. The first firehouse was built behind Odd Fellows Hall, Size: 14'x28'at a cost of $116. The old Firehouse is now a garage at 10 Maplewood Avenue. In 1920, the fire company purchased a state of the art American LaFrance Chemical Fire Apparatus. A locomotive wheel was donated by the Pennsylvania R.R. The metal tire was to be used as a fire alarm. The wheel presently hangs outside of our new firehouse. A new firehouse was put into service in 1922 at a cost of $ 18,000. This fire house remaines in service, housing our antiques, and brush truck. With the township growing, a new and larger firehouse was put into service in 1995, built behind our old firehouse at 2 So. Main St. In 2000, we put our new Pierce Dash pumper into service. Holding 2000 gallons of water and a 2250 g.p.m. pump, it helps us in providing fire protection to our growing community. In 2002, we added rescue tools, commonly known as the "Jaws of Life" to our equipment inventory. Our Pierce 100' Tower/Ladder ehances our ability to reach structures set far off the road, and allow us to perform roof operations from a safe platform. In 2007 we added a Pierce Dash Rear Mount Rescue Pumper. This unit replaces our 1985 Rescue and our 1976 TASC pumper. It has our full compliment of Holmatro Rescue tools, 780 Gallons of water, 30 gallons of class A foam, 40 gallons of class B, a 2000 G.P.M. pump with a C.A.F. system (compressed air foam). It is an amazing truck. Our newest edition is a 2011 U.S. Tanker / Peterbilt 3500 gallon Tanker with a 1250 G.P.M. pump. This relpaces our 1974 Mack Tractor and Heil 7600 gallon trailer, and allow us to deliver water more efficiently to our non hydrant areas.