Holiday Village Fire & Rescue

Holiday Village VFD/Rapides Parish Fire District # 4 proudly protects approximately 125 square miles of north Rapides Parish with approximately 15000 citizens.We operate out of 4 stations that protect a primarily residential area located on the outskirts of the City of Pineville.Department is currently a PIAL (insurance rating) Class 5. The department came to be in 1970 because two local community sub-divisions had no fire protection, Holiday Park and Village Green.The community came together to form the Holiday Village Volunteer Fire Association.The department was volunteer only until 1999 when the decision was made to employ fulltime firefighters to better serve and protect the communities. We employ 6 fulltime 24 hour firefighters,6 part-time (12hour) firefighters, as well one secretary.All volunteers are paid on a per call basis for all calls with the exception of EMS.We hold training meetings every Monday evening at 1830 hours (except Holidays). "ANYTHING, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE...say When"