Eliot Fire & Rescue Department

A group of citizens met at the Town Hall on Aug. 17, 1914 to form a fire association. A committee was formed to find out and bring to Town Meeting. The committee voted the group to be known as the ELIOT VOLUNTEER FIRE ASSOC. Oct. 30, 1914, the 1st regular monthly meeting was held. Elected to the office of Fire Chief was Pearl Cole. The organization was divided into companies with Greenwood St being the dividing line. Below to be known as South Eliot and above to be Eliot. Each Company had a Captain, Lieut, Sect. and Treas. The first fire station to be built for the town was the South Eliot Station at the corner of Cross and Main streets. (currently Legion hall) The Station was built for $165.00 in 1916. In July of 1916 there was a special town meeting to allow the Association to use a section of the Town Hall for a fire station, which was granted. The room was 13X37. On July 2 1915 a contract was signed with C.E. woods for two hose trucks, built from two 1911 Cadillac cars. Sept 2, 1915 the trucks were delivered. Call signs for the two trucks were Eliot 1 and South Eliot had Pride of Eliot 2. 1915 only had two fires. March 25 a House, Barn and Windmill on Bolt Hill road near the South Eliot Methodist Church; help was summoned from Portsmouth and Kittery. In October a second fire occurred on River Road. Starting around the Chimney. Neighbors were able to put out the fire and the Eliot Company was not needed. July 11, 1930 A new fire truck was delivered to the town. A 1930 Fargo. In 1934 the section of the Town Hall that housed the fire Engine was dismantled and the town only has one fire station and one Engine (1930 Fargo) With that brought the two companies together. There was no longer the Eliot and So. Eliot company. 1949 The town appropriated funds for the purchase of a new pumper for approx $6,000.00. June 13, 1939 the ?39 Seagrave (E-2) was delivered. (currently owned by current Dep Chief Donald Webber jr.) The current and only fire station (South Eliot Station) was remodeled by adding a second story and the installation of another overhead door. The first telephone was installed in the fire station in 1941. Fire Chief Pearl Cole retired from the Eliot Vol. Fire Assoc. and the end of 1943. In coming Fire Chief was Advill Spinney. In 1947 another engine was ordered. A 1947 Ford (E-1) 1948 the Fargo (E-3) was moved to the Club house on Greenwood St. Jan 24, 1950 Fire struck the town Gym which was located across from then Eliot High School. 27 girls escaped the flames which was caused by overheated wood burning furnace. Two trucks from Kittery were called to assist. 1952 the town purchase radio?s for the first time. One for each truck and one base station. The above excerts were taken from Donald Webber's Sr book called ELIOT VOL ASSOCIATION.