Seneca Falls Fire Dept.

Seneca Falls Fire Dept. proudly protects 7000 - 8000 people living in an area of 38 square miles. We operate out of 1 station that protects a primarily residential area. Our department is a private department whose members are on a volunteer status.

Here in the village of Seneca Falls we are a municipal fire department governed by the Village of Seneca Falls. As of June we should have our Certified First Resonders goin to assist on medical calls in ours and surrounding areas. As of now we run on average right around 200 call per year. This amount should double with our EMS running. We have Room for 30 personnel. 27 of those spots are filled at this time,with 10 for them being either Firefighter/CFR's or Firefighter/ EMT's. Our department covers a varity of structures including, Downtown Seneca Falls, which contain many buisnesses on the lower level and housing on the 2nd levels. We also protect 4 schools, a large farm, 3 industries, and last but not least we protect the residents housing in the Village of Seneca Falls. The Seneca Falls Fire Dept, Is also home to the SMOKE BUSTERS (our dancing firefighters) Which the kids all know and love. We do a show at the elementary schools every year to promote fire safety during fire prevention week..... Also the Station houses Pluggie Pluggie is a robotic fire-hydrent that we use to promote fire safety during Fire prevention week in October. Pluggie can fully communicate and move with the kids as they ask questions, the controller of Pluggie can hear and respond to the children's questions as they are asked.