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Hutchison Station Volunteer Fire Dept

Posted: Wednesday, June 18, 2008 - 04:12:22 PM
Updated: Wednesday, June 18, 2008 - 04:12:22 PM


Phone: (859) 987-7213

We are a small, rurual volunteer department serving southern Bourbon County, Kentucky. We have been going since 2000. We are named after the old Hutchison Station, a former railroad stop on the famous Covington to Lexington train line. The train station at one time was a bustling hub of agricultural activity that included large livestock pens, a store, and even a small hotel. The tracks were taken up in 1951, but the train station remains. We serve in the heart of the horse and agriculture country. We provide 24 hour fire coverage as well as ALS /BLS first response, as we have EMT's, a paramedic and a physician on the roster.
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