Waterville Fire Department

WATERVILLE FIRE DEPARTMENT proudly protects 5000 people living in an area of 49.16 square miles. We operate out of 1 station that protects a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.

The Waterville Fire Department was established on April 24, 1829. Throughout the 178 years the Waterville Fire Department has maintained two companies within itself. Their names have been changed form the Fountain Hose #1 and the Steamer Company #1, to The Sanger Hose Company And the Waterville Tower Hook & Ladder, to the present names of Hose and Hook & Ladder companies. In the minutes of 1852 was a motion to appoint a committee to call on taxpayers to raise money to improve the fire department. The committe consisted of Samuel Goodwin, Aurelius Benedict and Amos Osborn. They were successful, as has their successors, in obtaining the cooperation of village residents to support the fire department. Prior to 1872 the fire equipment was stored in various locations throughout the village, firemens barns and blacksmith shops. In 1872 a two-story brick building was erected at 127 White Street. The ground floor was used for the engines, and the second floor for meetings. The village lockup was in the basement for some time. On the top of this building was a large bell used to summon firemen to an alarm and later to designate the start of a meeting. As the fire trucks increased in size, it became increasingly difficult to maneuver into narrow White St., so that old firehouse was put up for sale and a building housing Yonkers garage was purchased and remodeled as the new firehouse on Main St. in 1960. After spending 30 years in that location the firehouse was again becoming to small for the newer and larger fire trucks. So in 1990, the Fire Department again moved into a new firehouse at 222 Main St. (present location). The fire department now has more workable room to do maintenance and pratice on the equipment and have one extra bay for future equipment (this bay is being used at present time by the Oneida County Sheriffs). The new fire house has 6 large drive through bay doors, a kitchen, two meeting rooms, a communication room and officers room. The building also has a bay that houses the Waterville-North Brookfield Ambulance (WAVAC 989). The Building is equipped with an auxiliary generator which will power the building in case of a power outage. As you go through the building you will see it is decorated with Waterville fire Department History. Many old pictures of firemen, parades, fires, fire equipment and antiques hang on the walls as the Fire Department proudly displays its past. Besides Answering calls for medical assistance, motor vehicle accidents, fires and assistance in other emergency situations the fire department also does many other things. We run a successful field days every year (this year will be our 33rd),we run a craft fair every fall, conduct a successful fire prevention program at the schools each year, we put up and take down the christmas decorations and lights in the community each year, we wash down the Main Streets and wash out the business parking lots each spring and we maintain a baseball field for the little league program. As it has aways been, the Waterville fire Department is involved in almost everything that happens in the community. It has been said that the Fire Department is the Hub of the Community. The Waterville Fire Department has always and always will serve the fire district proudly and professionally. The Waterville Fire Department would like to thank the people of our fire district for supporting us through the years in all our functions. We would also like to thank our wives and families for the sacrifices that they have made.