Jefferson City Fire Department

The Jefferson City Fire Department is comprised of a combination of career personnel and reserve/paid-per-call firefighters. The department protects residents, businesses and guests inside the corporate limits of Jefferson City, Tennessee. The City is located approximately 20 miles east of Knoxville, TN in the eastern part of the state. The Jefferson City Fire Department is responsible for providing fire and life safety services to approximately 8,000 full-time residents and over 2,000 more faculty, staff and students on the campus of Carson-Newman College. The Department maintains an ISO rating of 5 while operating out of one station. The Jefferson City Fire Department responds to calls in the community involving fire, medical, rescue and other hazards. The Department also conducts fire prevention inspections and plans review in the City. The Jefferson City Fire Department's training program is certified by the State of Tennesse Commission on Firefighting. All reserve members are highly encouraged to attain state certification as Firefighter 1 upon one year membership in the Department. Many of Jefferson City's Firefighters are trained not only n firefighting, but are also medically trained to at least the First Responder level. Many members are also trained in various aspects of rescue, hazardous materials and most recently rapid intervention operations.