Wilder Fire / Rescue

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Wilder Fire Department proudly protects 2800 people living in an area of 11 square miles. We operate out of two stations, one that protects a primarily residential area and the other primarily the industrial area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a combination of paid and volunteer status.

The Wilder Fire Department is a combination department staffed by full time and part time city employed firefighters, along with volunteer personnel. We provide fire, EMS and rescue services. Our commitment is to provide the best service possible. We are a diverse city in that we have a little bit of everything. We have everything from heavy industrial area to a well-populated residential area as well and The commercial traffic along with Licking River. We offer an invitation to anyone who wants to stop by.

Our Department fleet includes:

Engine/Rescue 1401 - 1993 Sutphen 

Engine/Rescue 1403 - 2009 Sutphen 

Engine/Tanker 1405 - 1998 Sutphen

Fire Boat 1425 - 2010 Sea Ark 26'

Unit 1431 - 2001 Ford Crown Victoria

Utility 1435 - 2010 F-350

Unit 1436 - 2006 Ford Expedition

Unit 1450 - 2011 Ford Expedition

Medic 1380 - 2002 Ford E-350 Road Rescue Ambulance

Haz-Mat 3 - 1997 Ford L8000 Rescue