Archbald Community Ambulance and Rescue Squad

Archbald Community Ambulance and Rescue Squad proudly protects 6000 people living in an area of 27 square miles. We operate out of one stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a volunteer status.

Our department (EMS Station 21) averages about 400 runs per year, we currently have 30 active members. Most members are PA DOH EMT's and have the PA DOH Vehicle Rescue Course. Archbald Borough is one of the largest borough's in Pennsylvania, it is located between Scranton and Carbondale. It's made up of many sections: Archbald, East Side, Eynon, Frogtown, Nebraska, No. 5 Hill, Riverside, Sturges, and Winton. We mainly cover residential, but we also have many industries (Casket Shells, General Dynamics Land Systems, Lockheed Tactial Defense Systems, and also the Delaware-Lackawanna Railroad) Archbald is home to the biggest pothole in the world at the Archbald Pothole State Park. We also cover a large portion of the Scranton-Carbondale Highway (U.S. Rte 6) ; and we also have one of the largest sections of the new Lackawanna Valley Industrial Highway. Our service also does mutual aid with Jessup Hose Co. #2 Ambulance (Station 25) and William Walker Hose Co. Ambulance (Station 59, Mayfield). The Archabld Community Ambulance and Rescue Squad is one of the oldest volunteer services in the Lackawanna Valley. The orginization started in 1957.