Three Points Fire District

Three Points Fire District proudly protects 8900 people living in an area of 206 square miles. We operate out of 3 stations that protect a primarily residential area.

Our Mission Statement: The Three Points Fire District proudly accepts the mission to protect life, property and the environment by way of education, training, prevention and mitigation of incidents both natural and man-made.

Our History: From 1985 to 1995, a commitment was undertaken by volunteers in the area of Three Points to form an incorporation with the responsibility to provide fire and emergency medical services to area residents. The entity was known as the Three Points Volunteer Fire Department. They struggled but met the challenge of obtaining and maintaining the vehicles and equipment for both fire and medical emergencies.

In 1995, a group of area property owners engaged in another immense challenge to form a tax-based district pursuant to Arizona State Statutes. This surmountable effort resulted in dissolving the formally all-volunteer incorporation and establishing the Three Points Fire District.

Our Present: As of January 2001, the District provides fire, emergency and community services to 8,900 area residents covering over 206 square miles. Our District's legal geographical boundaries encompass the community of Three Points, also known as Robles Junction. The boundaries begin on the North at Mile Wide Road and continue South to approximately milepost 25 of State Highway 286 and extend to the East at Ryan Airfield and to the West at the intersection of State Highway 86 (approximately milepost 141) and Coleman Road.

Three strategically located stations are staffed with a combination of full-time District firefighters and fill-in firefighters. In addition to being state-certified firefighters, they are also certified Emergency Medical Technicians or certified Paramedics. All units and equipment located throughout the District ensure that every emergency and medical call receives advanced protection and life support within minutes. The District's administrative staff consists of the Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, EMS Chief and Administrative Secretary. The District is governed by a five member Board elected from the district-at-large to four-year terms. The Board establishes policy, sets the tax rate and makes decisions regarding budget, operations and other issues concerning the District.

Our Future: Three Points Fire District is committed to caring for the community and welcomes the opportunity to continue to provide quality services to meet the needs of District residents.

Community Services offered by Three Points Fire District include: * CPR Classes * Desert Pest Removal * Smoke Detector Distribution and Installation * Home Inspections upon Request * Educational Station Tours * School Programs