Adelphia Fire Company

Adelphia Fire Company proudly protects 18,000 people living in an area of twenty-two square miles. We operate out of 2 stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is a private department whose members are on a volunteer status.

Howell Township Fire Company No.1 (Adelphia) was incorporated on April 28, 1927. Almost 76 years have passed since that day. Our very first piece of apparatus was a hearse donated by the C.H.T. Clayton Funeral Home on Adelphia Road. This was converted into a supply car that carried water in milk cans, shovels, brooms, lanterns, etc. Fire calls were received by Claytons Funeral Home for nearly fifty years. Whoever was on duty at the funeral home also had the responsibility of taking the fire call and then summoning the firefighters. This was accomplished by running outside and throwing the switch on the telephone pole to activate the siren regardless of the the time, or the weather. We are also activly supported by the Adelphia Ladies Auxiliary and our Junior Firefighter organizations.