Pigeon Forge Fire Department

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We are a combination department with 22 full time career and 22 volunteer fighters. These hardworking individuals provide fire suppresion, vehicle extracation, basic waterrescue, hazardous materials responses, wildland/urban interface firefighting, elevator rescue and Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Services.

We provide services to a 15 square mile city district with an ISO classification of 5 and a 22 square mile county district with an ISO classifiaction of 9. We contually set high Standardsof Response Coverage and are driving toward an ISO Class of 3 in the future.

We are fortunate to have some of the most talented individuals in the Fire and Emergency Medical Services community. All of our membersd are committed to providing the best services possible.

We value the history and tradition of the Pigeon Forge Department. In our efforts to develop as a leader in the fire service, we recognize that our current organization is built upon the shoulders of our past leadership,

We stressthe importance of fire prevention through the continual efforts of our Fire Inspectors, who pereform safety demonstartions, code inspections and arson investaigations.