Jackpot Fire Department

JACKPOT FIRE DEPARTMENT proudly protects 1500 people living in an area of 3000 square miles. We operate out of 2 stations that protect a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a combination of paid and volunteer status.

The Jackpot Fire Department was established on July 7, 1965 as a fully volunteer department with fifteen firemen and one 1941 LaFrance open cab engine with a 750gpm pump. In Novenber of 1965 Jackpot got it's hydrant system. Today we are a combined Full paid & volunteer department with a Full paid Chief and Assistant Chief. We also have two 1000gpm engines, one 2500gal tanker, an airport crash truck, two 1-ton brush fire trucks, one rescue truck, and three ambulances. As for Man power we have 10 Firefighter/EMT's, 2 logistics, 2 Jr Firefighters, 1 strictly EMT, and 1 Firefighter/RN. the RN & EMT's hold license in BOTH Nevada and Idaho