Lakeview Fire Department

Lakeview Fire Department proudly protects 5000 people living in an area of 54 square miles. We operate out of one stations that protect a primarily rural area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a combination of paid and volunteer status.

The Lakeview Fire Department is made up of three departments. Lakeview Fire Dept, the Lakeview Volunteer Fire Dept, and the Lakeview Rural Fire Dept. The Lakeview Fire Dept has 6 paid personnel which are 911 dispatchers/firefighter-engineers, and two trucks. Two people are on duty for a 24 hour shift.They man the dispatch center taking all kinds of calls,from dog complaints to 911 emergency calls. They dispatch for all law enforcement,fire Depts and all ems angencies for the entire county (8000 sq miles).When they take a 911 fire call, one person stays at the station and the other person takes the fire truck to the fire and will be the engineer for that truck. Of these 6 people, 5 are lieutenants and one is the fire chief/911 director. The Lakeview Volunteer Fire Dept consist of about 23 volunteers and two volunteer owned trucks. They will respond to the fire scene in either their private vehicles or in one or both of the volunteer owned trucks and fight the fire,or handle the incident what ever that might be. The Lakeview Rural Fire Dept consist of all the personel listed above and two rural owned trucks. The dispatcher/engineer will either take the first out city owned truck or the first out rural owned truck depending on which district the fire call is in. The volunteers will respond to the rural fires the same way as they respond to the city fires. For the year of 2000 the Fire Dept had 412 total man hours for call outs and total man hours for training, of 1114. Total man hours for everything is 1526. This is up from 1999 which was 583 and 658 for a total of 1241.