Vernon Township Volunteer Fire Dept.

About Us:

Vernon Township Volunteer Fire Department has been serving the community since being chartered in 1938. The coverage area was much larger because there were only a few volunteer fire departments operating at that time.

The first vehicle was an old "squad car" and as monies were available a pumper and a tanker were purchased. A new Ford Tanker was purchased in 1971 that had a 1400 gallon tank and a 350 gpm pump, this truck replaced the first tanker. In 1973 a new larger truckroom was built beside the clubroom. During that same year a new 1973 American LaFrance Pioneer Pumper was purchased. This truck was used as the lead pumper for several years and had a 750 gallon tank and a 1250 gpm pump.

In the late 1970's we purchased a 75 ft. American LaFrance Ladder Truck. In 1981 a new American LaFrance Century Pumper with a 1000 gallon tank and 1500 gpm pump was purchased to replace an aging 1961 pumper. In 1985 a used Chevrolet Van was purchased and converted into a light rescue vehicle. At that time Emergency Medical Service was started with a certification from EMMCO. In 1988 the Ford Tanker was replaced with a new Chevrolet Tanker with an 1800 gallon tank and a 1000 gpm front mount pump.

In 1994 a new Simon Duplex / LTI 75' Aerial Ladder with a 500 gallon tank and 1500 gpm pump was purchased. In 1999 a new Chevrolet Suburban was purchased and serves as a QRS Vehicle for EMS calls. In 1996 a new Polaris 6 Wheeler was purchased, to be used for off road rescues and grass fires. The Aerial was involved in an accident in December of 2000. It was hit after stopping at an intersection while responding to a possible structure fire. The driver of the other vehicle was at fault and there were no serious injuries.

In September of 2001 the 1981 American LaFrance Pumper was destroyed by fire while parked in the truck room.The cause of the fire was due to an electrical malfunction of the truck's battery maintainer system, investigated and ruled by the Fire Marshall. Soon after the fire, work began to finish the new truck room. The Aerial returned to service in October of 2001 after being repaired and a totally new color scheme began of red, white, and blue. All trucks and equipment were moved to the new facility in February of 2002.

In August of 2002 a new Spartan Rescue Pumper was purchased to replace the truck lost in the fire. In December 2005, the Polaris 6 Wheeler was sold and planning began for a Brush / Utility Truck. These plans came together in February of 2006, when a new Dodge 2500 HD 4 X 4 pick- up truck was purchased and transformed into a Brush / Utility Truck. Most of the work on it was done by fire department personnel.

Currently there are 30 emergency personnel on the department roster providing coverage for Fire, Rescue, EMS, and anything else that comes our way. They are all constantly training either at the station or attending classes with other Fire Departments in the area.