Valdosta Fire Department

Valdosta Fire Department proudly protects 45400 people living in an area of 50 square miles. We operate out of 7 stations that protect a primarily residential area. Our department is a public department whose members are on a paid status.

Mission Statement The mission of the Valdosta Fire Department is to respond in a safe manner to all reported emergencies of our customers, and to protect lives and property through fire prevention, public education, and the mitigation of emergencies and disasters, whether natural or man-made. Vision The fire department shall strive to cost-effectively achieve these goals through training, careful planning, research, and the evaluation of the needs of the community. Having the utmost regard for the safety of the members of this department, we will work to the best of our ability to limit the loss to life, property, and the environment. Scope and Intent The Valdosta Fire Department functions as a public safety entity for the customers of the City of Valdosta. The fire department operates six (7) fire stations, equipped with a total of eleven (11) fire trucks (seven pumper trucks, two ladder trucks, one rescue truck, and one airport crash/rescue truck.) Areas of service provided include Fire Suppression, Fire Safety Education and Prevention, Code Enforcement, Hazardous Materials Mitigation, Confined Space Rescue, and First Responders. The department has more than ninety (90) nationally- and state-certified (NPQ-I) firefighters, and all certified members are trained to the highest level of hazardous material response and handling offered by the State Fire Academy. The Fire Department's response area covers approximately 45,400 citizens and as many as 250,000 residents of South Georgia and North Florida who utilize Valdosta as a hub for business, culture, education, leisure, and retail. In 1996, the fire department responded to over 2,000 fire and rescue calls and conducted 167 Public Fire Safety Education classes with approximately 8,000 students. Fire Suppression Activities Conducts familiarization tours of buildings and structures within the city by engine companies. Performs emergency rescue activities including extrication of person(s) trapped in vehicles using the Jaws of Life. Handles all releases, spills, etc., of hazardous materials within the city or county. Performs other types of rescues of victims in confined spaces, trenches, or other areas, including high angle. Conducts fire safety education tours and programs, both in and out of station. Participates with the school system in the Partnership in Education program. Services and conducts fire flow requirements on all fire hydrants in the city, including privately owned ones. Participates in other community oriented programs, such as Halloween safety, Safe Kids of Georgia, and the Firefighter's Burn Foundation drive for burned children. Participates in the Mayors' Motorcade, which raises toys for the mentally ill patients at Georgia Southwestern State Hospital. Fire Prevention Conducts plan reviews and inspections on buildings and structures for compliance to Life Safety and Fire Prevention Codes. Performs investigations of fire scenes to determine cause, point of origin, and educational methods needed to prevent fires from starting. Performs fire safety and educational classes for all members of the community. Coordinates the Jr. Fire Marshal's, Learn Not to Burn, and the Fire Safety House programs through the city and county schools (both public and private) to children ages preschool through 8th grade.Conducts free home smoke detector give-a-way program.