In Quarters: Willmar, Minn. Fire Department

In Quarters Information

  • Year Built:
  • Serving Area:
  • Members: 30
  • Engines: 3
  • Tankers: 1
  • Brush Trucks: 1
  • Aerials: 1
  • Heavy Rescues:
  • Chiefs:
  • BLS/ALS:
  • Other: 3
  • Vehicles (total): 9

The Willmar Fire Department responds out of one station protecting 20,000 residents in the City of Willmar, Willmar Township and a section of Dovre Township.

The fire department is headed by a full-time fire chief with 36 paid on-call firefighter with three engines, one tanker, one aerial platform, a brush rig, a technical rescue trailer and a hazmat trailer.

The department has a ISO Class 3 rating and responds to about 300 calls annually. 

The apparatus floor features six bays with a training room and workshop in the rear. The station has two levels with offices, a workout area, recreation room and kitchen.

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