Firefighter Cadet

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Firefighter Cadet, Corpus Christi TX

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Open Until Filled

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The Entrance Exam will be given to qualified applicants on July 25, 2014 at 9:00am.

Qualifications for Cadet –

Must be at least 19 years of age by the date of the written exam but must not be over 36 years of age prior to be certified as eligible for a beginning position

Must possess a high school diploma or GED

Must have a valid driver’s license

Must be a U.S. citizen


Position:  Firefighter Cadet (Trainee)
Starting Salary: $3099.00 monthly


Vacation – 15 days per year

Sick Leave - 15 days per year

Paid Holidays - 7 days per year

Retirement - Trainees immediately begin participation in the CC Firefighters Retirement System Plan

Health Insurance - The City provides health and life coverage to the employee and will also pay 50% of the premium for dependent coverage.

Other Incentives include:

-Uniform pay (monthly allowance for uniform upkeep)

-Longevity pay (for each year of service)

-Certification pay (fire, medical, inspector, and others)

-Assignment pay (HAZMAT, rescue, ambulance)

-Education pay (college hours towards applicable degrees)

What is the hiring process?

All applicants must submit an online application at Applicants must successfully pass each step of the hiring process before proceeding in the recruitment process:

  • Written Examination
  • Background Investigation
  • Oral Board Interviews
  • Psychological Examination
  • Pre-employment medical, physical, and drug testing
  • All potential candidates may be required to take a polygraph examination.

What are the Firefighters’ working hours?

While in the academy, cadet’s normal hours are from 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Upon graduation from the academy, Firefighters work a 24 hour shift on and 48 hours off.

What does the written exam consist of?

The exam consists of general knowledge such as reading, math, interpersonal skills, teamwork, commitment, honesty, integrity, and emotional stability. There are approximately 128 questions and must be taken within 3  hours. There is NOT a study guide for this exam.

Are there any residency requirements?

Firefighters may live outside the city limits but must reside in such a location as to be able to reach City Hall within 60 minutes traveling by automobile at posted speeds in ordinary weekday traffic.

Firefighter Cadet