Firehouse Exclusives

  • Mich. FF Critical After Fall Through Floor

    A Flint firefighter who recently returned to work after being laid off is in critical condition after falling through the floor of a burning home early this morning.

    Article • August 16th, 2010

  • Ontario Firefighter Rescues Woman From Electrically Charged Vehicle

    A Fort Erie firefighter pulled a woman from a burning SUV that was electrically charged.

    Article • August 16th, 2010

  • Wash. Ambulance Burns Inside Station

    Firefighters from Pacific County Fire District No. 1 didn't have to go far to respond to a blaze after one of their ambulances caught fire inside their station over the weekend.

    Article • August 16th, 2010

  • National Wireless Network for Public Safety Inching Closer to Reality

    There is little debate that public safety personnel need their own nationwide, interoperable wireless network in order to communicate seamlessly and without competition from the private sector. There has been debate, however, over how to achieve such a...

    Article • August 13th, 2010

  • Changes Part of Healing in Charleston

    Things are changing at the Charleston Fire Department, and there are no signs of the process slowing down.

    Article • July 28th, 2010

  • Experts Share 10 Ways to Stay 'Safe'

    Bill Tricarico and David Denniston don’t like it, but aren’t surprised, when they get calls from fire departments saying, “We’ve got a little problem,” or “You’re not going to believe this one.”

    Article • July 26th, 2010

  • NFFF to Turn Focus on Mental Health

    The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation announced Friday more resources on mental health will be available for personnel.

    Article • July 26th, 2010

  • Issue of 'Firefighters Charged With Manslaughter' Discussed at Expo

    Responders at all levels have been charged, and in some cases convicted, of manslaughter despite their overall mission to help – not harm – others.

    Article • July 24th, 2010

  • Thorny Issues Examined in Law Update

    Although the biggest legal stir of the last year was the 2009 Ricci v. DeStefano case regarding promotional testing, there have been plenty of additional issues in the courts that impact the fire service, attendees heard at Firehouse Expo 2010.

    Article • July 23rd, 2010

  • Rail Disasters a Matter of ‘When, Not If’

    Every 90 minutes a train derails, and when something goes wrong, the potential for catastrophic damage and casualty is huge.

    News • July 23rd, 2010

  • Apparatus Learn to ‘Talk’ Via Web

    On modern fire apparatus and emergency vehicles is a storehouse of information that can help mechanics determine when it’s time for preventative maintenance, and tell a chief officer that someone violated department policies by driving too fast or...

    News • July 23rd, 2010

  • Worcester Deputy Chief Shares His Wisdom of 'Shave Every Day'

    Worcester, Mass. Deputy Fire Chief John Sullivan has a philosophy – Shave Every Day and his firefighters will be safe.

    News • July 23rd, 2010

  • Chiefs Find New Ways to Communicate

    Some chiefs have used technology to allow them to better communicate with firefighters and officers.

    Article • July 23rd, 2010

  • Former Illinois Chief Who Lost Son to Suicide Puts Focus on Mental Health

    Former Fire Chief Patrick Kenny talked about the death of his son and the need to shine a light on mental health in the fire service.

    Article • July 23rd, 2010

  • Expo Examines Everyday Emergencies

    While there may be a decrease in the number of fires being fought nationwide, fire departments are increasingly being called upon for other kinds of emergencies on a daily basis.

    News • July 23rd, 2010