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  • Cuts Threaten Over Half Of City's Black Firefighters

    Minnesota Spokesman Recorder
    Posted: March 28th, 2003

    If you take the 55 [firefighters slated for layoff on April 18], we’ll lose 15 African Americans. Just in that little lot, that’s about 25 percent [of the total number on the force],”

  • Fire Restrictions Begin April 1

    Posted: March 27th, 2003

    Burning restrictions will be implemented by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources over much of central and northern Minnesota within the next two weeks.

  • Minnesota Barn Destroyed in Fire

    Daily Globe
    Posted: March 19th, 2003

    Worthington — An old barn was a total loss after sparks from a hand grinder apparently set it afire Wednesday morning

  • 55 Firefighters Face Layoffs in Minnesota

    Star Tribune
    Posted: March 18th, 2003

    Minneapolis--Fire Chief Rocco Forte has not only had the misfortune of dealing with the deaths of three FFs, but now he has to face laying-off cadets and FFs

  • 55 Firefighters Face Layoffs in Minneapolis

    Courtesy of The Star Tribune
    Posted: March 18th, 2003

    Dealing with the deaths of three firefighters has been the hardest thing Minneapolis Fire Chief Rocco Forte has faced in his 28-year career. Telling cadets and firefighters that they need to look for another job would be next on the list.

  • Firefighters Seek More Terror Responder Aid

    The Washington Post
    Posted: March 13th, 2003

    A firefighters union sent a letter to President Bush and congressional leaders yesterday pleading for "necessary funding" for first responders to terrorist attacks "before it is too late."

  • 60 Minneapolis Firefighters Could Lose Jobs

    Posted: March 6th, 2003

    If the council aprroves the current budget plan, 60 frontline firefighters will lose their jobs. 10 cadets who graduate from the academy this Friday would also not join the force.