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  • Explosive Shell Concerns Las Vegas Neighborhood

    Posted: March 12th, 2003

    The Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Bomb Squad responded to a northeast Las Vegas neighborhood late Tuesday morning after the owner of car found a shell in the trunk of their car.

  • Reno inspectors step up club Inspections After Deadly Fire in Rhode Island

    Reno Gazette-Journal
    Posted: March 2nd, 2003

    REno--After nearly 100 people died in a nightclub fire in Rhode Island, fire officials made an ahead-of-schedule inspection last week at Reno’s largest nightclub, found nine minor violations and asked the owner to pledge to ban pyrotechnics there

  • Airtanker Pilot Killed In Crash Knew Of Problems

    Reno Gazette Journal
    Posted: March 1st, 2003

    The three men who died in a crash while fighting a fire in the Sierra last summer knew the half century-old aircraft they were flying wasn't entirely safe.

  • Western Hills Man Injured in Blaze

    Elko Daily Free Press
    Posted: February 27th, 2003

    ELKO -- A Western Hills man suffered third-degree burns in a fire Tuesday that destroyed his mobile home

  • Marines Get Nevada Firefighting Bill

    Associated Press
    Posted: February 21st, 2003

    The Marine Corps has been asked to pay $10 million to cover the costs of putting out a 22,750-acre Sierra Nevada wildfire last summer_ an effort that took the lives of three fire crew members.

  • Group Says It's Putting a Damper on Wildfire Risk

    The Associated Press
    Posted: February 21st, 2003

    An area nonprofit has released its first-ever report on how it is chipping away at a huge problem in the West - brush that could fuel wildfires