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  • Utah Emergency System May Be Revamped

    Posted: December 26th, 2002

    A bill being drafted for the 2003 Legislature would raise the fees on phones and use part of the revenue to help emergency dispatch centers track the location of wireless 911 callers.

  • Off-Duty Fire Chiefs Rescue Driver Locked in Burning Car

    The Salt Lake Tribune
    Posted: December 19th, 2002

    South Salt Lake City, Utah--A routine trip to the grocery store turned into a "little miracle" for a Riverton woman who was trapped in her burning car for eight minutes

  • Truck Crashes Trapping 400 Sheep

    The Hearald Journal
    Posted: December 10th, 2002

    A semitruck carrying approximately 400 sheep overturned at the mouth of Logan Canyon on a foggy Monday night.

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