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  • Smallpox Facts

    Easton Star Democrat
    Posted: January 22nd, 2003

    Smallpox is a serious, contagious, sometimes fatal disease caused by the variola virus.

  • Neighbors Want More Fire Hydrants

    Posted: January 21st, 2003

    As fire tore through a house on Twin Mountain Drive Firday, other homeowners watched in surprise, and alarm, as firefighters had to tank water in, and run hoses from their only fire hydrant, hundreds of feet away.

  • Hospitals Balk At Smallpox Vaccine

    USA Today
    Posted: January 21st, 2003

    The administration plans to vaccinate 440,000 frontline health care workers then begin vaccinating 10 million police officers, firefighters and other emergency personnel by late summer

  • Disaster Averted In Thursday Fire

    Register & Bee
    Posted: January 17th, 2003

    Firefighters were able to quickly extinguish the blaze in the two-story structure, which contained a number of flammable materials including tire cleaner, car wash, wire wheel cleaner and tire dressings.