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  • Gas Spill Evacuates North Spokane Stores

    Posted: February 6th, 2003

    Firefighters aren't sure what caused the tanker to spill the gas, but crews reacted quickly to avoid a potentially explosive situation.

  • Fire At Self-Storage Destroys 15 Units

    Posted: January 24th, 2003

    Hours after fire broke out at a White Center storage center yesterday, people who had stored bits of their lives in the units began to arrive.

  • School Bus Crash Hurts Driver

    Posted: January 23rd, 2003

    MARYSVILLE -- A school bus driver was seriously injured and some students on the bus were so shaken up they had to return home when the bus collided with the back of a tractor-trailer Tuesday morning.

  • Computers Give Firefighters The Edge

    Everett Herald
    Posted: January 20th, 2003

    "When seconds count, when you have brain damage that's occurring, getting to someone within 30 seconds of pulling up at a complex instead of within one minute and 30 seconds can mean the difference between life and death,

  • Our Views: Put Paramedics At Fire Station

    The Olympian
    Posted: January 17th, 2003

    The south county medic unit should move back into the Yelm Fire Station. It never should have left in the first place.

  • Granite Falls Reinforces Its Fire Station

    The Daily Herald
    Posted: January 16th, 2003

    The early 20th-century brick fire station in Granite Falls was shaken so hard by the 6.8 Nisqually earthquake on Feb. 28, 2001, that it almost lost an entire section of wall.

  • Puyallup Woman Dies in Fire

    Seattle Post-Intelligencer
    Posted: January 14th, 2003

    PUYALLUP -- A woman died after being pulled from her burning house on South Hill, and investigators believe the flames were ignited at an electrical outlet