August 2009

Philidelphia Engine 25 arrived to find a vacant, four-story factory with heavy smoke venting from the upper floors. The factory became fully involved and required three alarms on Nov. 24, 2008.

Dedication: This issue of Firehouse is dedicated to Firefighter George A. Wimberly, 63, of Stonewall, MS, Volunteer Fire Department; Assistant Chief John Williams, 54, of the Wellington-Greer Fire Protection District in Wellington, IL; Firefighter John Weber, 77, of the Township Fire Department in Eau Claire, WI; and Pilot Heath Van Handel, 36, of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, who died in the line of duty, April 2009.

Cover by: Ron Trout/

Thermal Imaging Quick Drills

Who's Got the Chief's Back?

Fire Prevention Week 2009: Are You Training or Entertaining?

College 101


21st Century Firefighting

Extrication Challenges of Advanced Steel In Vehicles: Part 4 — Power Cutters

Riding the Right Front Seat: Avoiding the New-Boss Blues

The "Anatomy & Physiology" Of the Structural Fireground

Competition Puts New Emphasis On Adding a Degree to Your Resume

DC Metro Wreck

Cardiovascular Disease in Firefighters: Identifying Firefighters at Risk

Protecting the Belmont Stakes

Fire Destroys Landmark Texas Furniture Warehouse

Show Me the Money

100 Years Ago

"I Thought This Is It...I Am Going To Die In This House Fire!"

Protecting the Super Bowl: Tampa Fire Rescue

It's Open Season on the Fire-EMS Service: Are You Angry Yet?

2008 National Run Survey