August 2009

Philidelphia Engine 25 arrived to find a vacant, four-story factory with heavy smoke venting from the upper floors. The factory became fully involved and required three alarms on Nov. 24, 2008.

Dedication: This issue of Firehouse is dedicated to Firefighter George A. Wimberly, 63, of Stonewall, MS, Volunteer Fire Department; Assistant Chief John Williams, 54, of the Wellington-Greer Fire Protection District in Wellington, IL; Firefighter John Weber, 77, of the Township Fire Department in Eau Claire, WI; and Pilot Heath Van Handel, 36, of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, who died in the line of duty, April 2009.

Cover by: Ron Trout/

Protecting the Super Bowl: Tampa Fire Rescue

Fire Destroys Landmark Texas Furniture Warehouse

2008 National Run Survey

21st Century Firefighting

The "Anatomy & Physiology" Of the Structural Fireground

DC Metro Wreck

Thermal Imaging Quick Drills

Fire Prevention Week 2009: Are You Training or Entertaining?

It's Open Season on the Fire-EMS Service: Are You Angry Yet?

Extrication Challenges of Advanced Steel In Vehicles: Part 4 — Power Cutters

"I Thought This Is It...I Am Going To Die In This House Fire!"

Who's Got the Chief's Back?

Riding the Right Front Seat: Avoiding the New-Boss Blues

100 Years Ago

Cardiovascular Disease in Firefighters: Identifying Firefighters at Risk

Show Me the Money


Competition Puts New Emphasis On Adding a Degree to Your Resume

College 101

Protecting the Belmont Stakes