June 2009

A two-alarm fire ripped through two vacant buildings at Rosewood State Hospital in Owings Mills in Baltimore County, MD, on March 8, 2009.

Dedication: This month's Firehouse is dedicated to Corporal Christopher Allen Dill, 43, of the Oklahoma City, OK, Fire Department; Lieutenant William Rodger Vorwark, 49, of the Odessa, MO, Fire & Rescue Protection District; Firefighter Gregory Carroll Cooke, 60, of the Salem Volunteer Fire Department in Whitakers, NC; and Chief Nolan Schmidt, 37, of the Hydro, OK, Volunteer Fire Department, who died in the line of duty, March 2009.

Cover by: Michael Schwartzberg/IFPA

Fire Service-Based EMS: Re-Informing Policy-Makers

June 1, 2009

What's In Your Pockets? Don't Carry Too Much Stuff!

Extrication Challenges of Advanced Steel in Vehicles: Part 2 - Advanced Steel

Time to Adjust Our Thinking!

H1N1 - The Next Thing That Is Going to Kill Me!

June 1, 2009

100 Years Ago

Rube's Rules of Leadership - Rule 2: Lead from the Front

Firefighter Accountability: Critical in Reducing America's LODDs

Interstate Mutual Aid for New York Construction Storehouse Fire

Decontamination Best Practices

Do You Get the Message?

"You Have Firefighters Jumping Out the Rear of the House!" - Part 1

Rowhouse and Townhouse Fires: Characteristics and Considerations

Do You Get the Message?

On The Job - New York: Multi-Alarm Fire Heavily Damages Plattsburgh Hotel

June 1, 2009

Thermal Imagers: What's Your Deployment Model?

The Success of SAFECOM

Overcoming Barriers To Testing Fire Hose