May 2009

A three-alarm fire ripped through a store and the dwellings above off Kings Highway in Brooklyn, NY, on Dec. 30, 2008.

Dedication: This month's Firehouse is dedicated to Firefighter Derek Edward North, 34, of the Stockton Fire Department in Lakeland, GA; Firefighter/EMT Ferdinando Pierno, 55, of Martin County, FL, Fire Rescue; Firefighter/EMT Charles Myshrall, 67, of the North Coventry, CT, Volunteer Fire Department; and Firefighter Michael J. Darrington, 45, of Toledo, OH, Fire and Rescue, who died in the line of duty, February 2009.

Cover by: Jimbo Jones

100 Years Ago

How the Lessons Learned at One Fire Prevented a Similar Tragedy at Another

Arrive Alive

Basement Fires: Difficult, Challenging and Dangerous

Rube's Rules of Leadership

Hazmat Response On the "Big Island" of Hawaii

In-House CAFS Education

The Truth Behind Temperature Sensing — Part 2

There's a Fine Line Between Secondary Assessments and Sexual Assault

Cardiovascular Disease in Firefighters: Who Is at Risk?

Extrication Challenges Of Advanced Steel in Vehicles — Part 1

Racing to Death

Fire Escape Dangers

Here's Hoping The Stimulus Plans Work

Incident Safety in the Rural Environment:


Blown Away: Iowa Emergency Responders Contend with Direct Hit by EF5 Tornado

May 1, 2009