January 2010

Los Angeles, CA, Fire Department Engine 6 and Task Force 20 were first on scene at a greater-alarm fire involving a vacant two-story dwelling. The exposures on both sides of the fire were protected, although the fire communicated to several vehicles parked nearby. The fire, commanded by Battalion 11, occurred on Sept. 13, 2009.

Dedication: This month's Firehouse® is dedicated to Firefighter Conrad Mansfield, 45, of the Delaware Township Volunteer Fire Department in Defiance, OH; to Firefighter Lyle Lewis, 50, of Osborne County Fire District 3 in Alton, KS; to Firefighter Jimmy E Cameron, 47, of the South Chester Fire Department in Blackstock, SC; and Firefighter William Thompson, 65, of the Dushore, PA, Fire Company, who died in the line of duty, June, 2009.

Cover by: Martin Nate Rawner

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