March 2011

Los Angeles County, CA, firefighters were summoned to an early-morning house fire in Palmdale on Nov. 23, 2010. Upon arrival, firefighter-paramedics from Rescue Squad 37 found six people still inside the burning single-family dwelling. Firefighters rescued four children and two adults.

Dedication: This month’s Firehouse ® is dedicated to Driver/Operator David Remington Sr. 58, of the Shapleigh, ME, Fire Department; Firefighter/Fire Apparatus Operator Richard Paul, 54, of the Kansas City, MO, Fire Department; Firefighter Roy Chelsen, 51, of the FDNY; Captain William Floyd Hopman, 53, of the Quincy, CA, Volunteer Fire Department; and Lieutenant Jarrett Eleam, 26, of the Big Tree Volunteer Fire Department in Blasdell, NY, who died in the line of duty, January 2011.

Cover by: Jeff Zimmerman/Emergency Photographers Network

Flashover Recognition

Flashover Recognition