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  • Part Of WTC To Be Displayed At Dedication Of New Firehouse

    On the third anniversary of one of the worst tragedies to occur in the United States, the city of Las Vegas will dedicate a new fire station and unveil a permanent display that holds a part of the World Trade Center.

    News • September 9th, 2004

  • 9/11 Report Cites Need For Unified Command

    The final report issued by the 9/11 Commission is a devastating indictment of the government agencies that failed to detect and prevent the terrorist attacks that took the lives of 2,973 people, including 347 firefighters. The 450-page document traces the...

    News • September 1st, 2004

  • New York City Plans Third Remembrance of 9/11 Victims

    About 200 parents and grandparents of victims of Sept. 11 will read the names of those who died in the Twin Towers during a ceremony marking the third anniversary of the attacks.August 17, 2004 -- About 200 parents and grandparents of victims of Sept...

    News • August 17th, 2004

  • Cancer Risk Said Low From Chemicals At World Trade Center Collapse

    There is some good news regarding the health risk posed by toxic chemicals released into the air during the World Trade Center Attack.(New York-WABC, July 27, 2004) -- There is some good news regarding the health risk posed by toxic chemicals released...

    News • July 27th, 2004

  • Rescue Me: The Small Screen Examines a Post-9/11 FDNY

    Elizabeth Friszell reports on "Rescue Me," the new one-hour TV drama from FX, and interviews Jack McGee, who plays "The Good Chief" Jerry Riley on the show. It has been nearly three years since the day the fire service lost 343 brave souls. The dust has...

    News • July 1st, 2004

  • Giuliani Defends NYC's Response to 9/11

    Rudy Giuliani yesterday delivered a passionate defense of the city's response to the World Trade Center attacks - and denounced finger-pointing by members of the 9/11 commission."We have to channel our anger," the former mayor calmly told the panel as...

    News • May 20th, 2004

  • Giuliani to 9/11 Commission: Don't Blame, Prevent Another Attack

    A day after his top commissioners were grilled over their September 11 response, former mayor Rudolph Giuliani told the 9/1l Commission its job is preventing a new attack, not assigning blame. "Our enemy is not each other, but the terrorists who...

    News • May 19th, 2004

  • Report: Communications Broke Down on 9/11

    Draft reports from the federal Sept. 11 Commission say emergency workers performed with bravery at the World Trade Center but were not coordinated in their efforts, according to a published report. NEW YORK (AP) -- Draft reports from the federal Sept. 11...

    News • May 14th, 2004

  • New York City Fire Officials to Testify Before 9/11 Commission

    The city's top fire union officials have asked to testify at 9/11 commission hearings next week, but the commission says the hearings are "reserved for people in authority.""We have only asked the people who have had or still have the legal responsibility...

    News • May 13th, 2004

  • Help On The Way for 9/11 Memorial Designer

    Efforts to build a Ground Zero memorial were bolstered yesterday with the appointment of a second team of architects to help designer Michael Arad complete the $350 million project.The downtown-based firm of Davis Brody Bond was given a $1 million...

    News • April 14th, 2004

  • Federal Worker Admits Stealing Cars from WTC Site

    A Secret Service office technician has confessed to swiping five government cars recovered at Ground Zero to give to family members, court papers unsealed yesterday reveal.William Bennette, 52, told investigators on April 2 that he abused his power by...

    News • April 14th, 2004

  • $81M for 9/11 Rescuers' Health

    The feds are giving $81 million in grants to continue the long-term health monitoring of Ground Zero rescue workers. The feds are giving $81 million in grants to continue the long-term health monitoring of Ground Zero rescue workers.The eight grants...

    News • April 7th, 2004

  • 9/11 Charity to Give Up Artifacts

    A New York charity that draws raves from educators but ran afoul of city fire marshals because of its traveling exhibit of Sept. 11 artifacts has agreed to return some items to the FDNY."I've spoken with the marshals, and we're giving back items they've...

    News • April 6th, 2004

  • FDNY Investigating 9/11 Tour

    A New York charity that runs a traveling exhibit of Ground Zero "artifacts" - including part of a plane, pieces of destroyed buildings and earrings, shoes and eyeglasses belonging to victims - is under investigation by city fire marshals.A New York...

    News • April 5th, 2004

  • Friends Join New York's Bravest in Attempt to Honor Fallen Firefighter's Memory

    Brothers Salvatore and Randy Ranieri grew up admiring their friend Kenny Watson, a firefighter who died Sept. 11. And yesterday, they made good on their vow to honor his memory when they became the newest members of New York's Bravest.March 9, 2004...

    News • March 9th, 2004