Quebec Volunteers Quitting Amid Training Regs

Enforcement of re-certification regulations has led many volunteer firefighters in Chelsea, Quebec to quit.

The regulations, which were created in 2006, stipulate firefighters need to complete 300 hours of training to re-certify, according to CBCNews.

Municipalities in west Quebec, including Chelsea and the Pontiac, have slowly been enforcing the rules.

Last week two senior officers were fired, including the assistant fire chief, who is also the former fire chief and had 34 years experience, according to published reports.

Five others, including three officers and two volunteer firefighters, have stepped down since that incident.

The assistant chief is pursuing legal action.

The CEO of the Municipality of Chelsea Paul St-Louis told reporters: “The problems are irreconcilable. It’s impossible to find a solution and departures are the answer. It permits us to rebuild and go in the direction that has been chosen by council and by management.”

A longtime firefighter who quit said he doesn’t believe the station will be able to continue to live up to the 10 firefighters in 10 minutes rule that the municipality currently enforces.

There are now 30 firefighters left at the Chelsea station but there is talk more could soon resign on as well, the station reported.