Firefighter Injured Battling N.C. House Fire


Firefighters in Alexander County spent several hours Monday morning battling a large house fire.

At one point, al alarm was sounded to get firefighters out of the house because of the dangerous conditions.

One firefighter was rushed to a nearby hospital after having some chest pains, officials said. The firefighter was talking to emergency medical crews as he was loaded into the ambulance, officials said.

The injured firefighters identity was not released.

Several departments were called to the home on Drumstead Road to help knock down the flames.

The first started about 9:30 a.m., officials said. The flames burned through the roof and shot more than 20 feet into the air.

Firefighters said no one was home when the fire started. The fire marshal said Janet Moore and her teen son lived at the home.

Moore collapsed when she saw the damage. It is hard. (There are) a lot of memories, she said.

The damage from the fire is so extensive that nothing can be salvaged from the home. Because there was not a hydrant near the home, firefighters had to ferry water to the scene. The extra time they spent bringing in water along with the breezy conditions made it very difficult for the firefighters to bring the fire under control.

Moore and her son said they were thankful they were not hurt in the fire.

Investigators are waiting for the remains of the home to cool before digging through the rubble to find a cause.

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