Two-Alarm Fire Damages Colorado Brewery


Firefighters fought a two-alarm fire at the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins on Monday.

Poudre Fire officials told 7NEWS the fire started around noon in an empty grain silo that was being dismantled.

Firefighters said they think a spark or heat from the machinery being used to tear apart the silo caused the insulation to catch fire, according to Bryan Simpson with New Belgium Brewery.

The fire was contained around 1 p.m. and there were no injuries reported, according to Patrick Love with Poudre Fire.

Smoke did not get into the surrounding buildings, said Simpson.

The brewery expects to lose one day of brewing because of this, Simpson said. He said the company's hopes to make up the loss during the next 14 days.

The silo was in a separate building from the visitor's center. The visitor's Liquid Center is closed on Mondays.

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