Half of Kentucky Fire Department Quits

The Hustonville fire chief quit, along with close to half of the department on Wednesday, according to LEX-TV.

Fire Chief Stanley Shepperson says he was fed up with the mayor's accusations that the department was misusing its fire hall.

"They've lost about 12 to 13 members here tonight, all certified, instructors and everything," he told the news station.

The Hustonville Mayor Cecil Maddox said that despite the walkouts, there is still fire coverage.

"We still have a fire department, firefighters and we have Moreland that will honor us in a fire," he said.

The disagreement came about after the fire chief allowed actors working at a haunted house into the fire hall to get into costume.

Maddox told the news station that the problem was nobody asked permission.

"If they get hurt in that fire hall building, then the city is liable," he said.

With the fire chief's exit, the assistant fire chief was appointed chief.