Live Wires Land on Massachusetts Fire Engine

A Walpole firefighter was trapped inside an engine after live power lines landed on it during a storm that hit the area on Saturday, according to The Walpole Times.

Engine 5 responded to the call for downed wires on Common Street around 11 p.m. when additional lines fell on the apparatus, blowing out the rear tires and starting a small fire.

One firefighter was still inside while two others were outside of the vehicle.

The trapped firefighter was able to jump out.

All three firefighters were uninjured in the incident.

The electric company cut the power to the area before the engine was towed back to the firehouse.

"It was very scary in a way, especially with a firefighter inside," Deputy Fire Chief Michael Laracy said.

Engine 5 is currently undergoing repairs and is expected to be out of service for several more days.