Pa. Firefighter Could Be Involved in 10 Arson Fires


Investigators said a volunteer firefighter may have been involved in at least 10 suspicious fires dating back to September 2010.

As of Thursday, Anthony Overbeck, 18, was only being charged with Tuesday's arson in Big Run at a vacant home on Pennsylvania Avenue. But at a news conference Thursday morning, Pennsylvania State Police said Overbeck is the main suspect in a rash of other fires in that area.

Overbeck became a volunteer fireman with the Big Run department in February. Investigators said some of the fires in question happened before that time, and some happened when Overbeck was 17 years old.

Investigators would not give specific details about their case against Overbeck, but they said Overbeck will be charged with more arson cases.

They said Overbeck could be charged with a recent fire on Caroline Street in which an elderly man escaped from his home, as well as a fire that destroyed the Big Run Carpet store earlier this summer.

Overbeck remains in jail with bail set at $200,000. Investigators said they believe Overbeck acted alone.

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