Fla. Firefighters Free Parrot Stuck in Car Grill


A woman pulled into a Coral Springs fire station Monday morning with quite a strange request. She asked firefighters to help her remove a Quaker Parrot that was lodged inside of the grill of her car.

On Sunday, the woman apparently struck the bird while driving, but she said she assumed it was still on the road.

When she woke up Monday morning, she heard a bird chirping. When she went to investigate, she found the bird stuck in her car's grill.

The woman drove to Coral Springs Fire Station 43 where firefighters were able to free the bird by removing the grill of the car.

After about 10 minutes of disassembling the front end of the car, the bird was freed.

The Coral Springs Police Department Humane Unit responded to the scene and took custody of the bird.

The bird was taken to the Sawgrass Nature Center Wildlife Hospital for rehab.

Although a bit startled from the experience, the bird passed a veterinary physical.

Because the Quaker parrot is not indigenous to Florida, he will remain at the hospital for the rest of his life unless someone adopts him. Anyone interested in adopting the bird is asked to contact Sawgrass Nature Center.

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