Pa. Firefighter Accused of Theft of Dept. Gas

HAMAR, Pa. --

Hamar police said they have charged a volunteer firefighter with theft and access device fraud after surveillance cameras caught him using a company credit card for personal use.

Officials from the fire department said Justin Vidra, 25, used the Hamar Fire Department's credit card to purchase gasoline for his personal car.

"The taxpayers of Harmar were paying for him to put gas in his own truck," said Chief Jason Domaratz.

Domaratz said surveillance cameras that are mounted inside of the fire station show Vidra in action.

"Right now he's checking mileage on his truck and punching it into his cell phone. As he's doing that he lifts up the center console to grab the gas card out," Domaratz said.

According to the criminal complaint, Vidra used the card three times between June 18 and June 30 to purchase $158 worth of gas.

Police said Vidra confessed to the crime and said that he was broke and needed the money to get to work.

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