Okla. Firefighter Dies After Collapsing at Grass Fire

An Oklahoma firefighter died Sunday after collapsing late last month while fighting a grass and building fire.

Capt. Kyle King, 53, collapsed July 29 while battling the blazes with the Perry Fire Department, according to the USFA.

King had 23 years of service with the department.

The cause of death is pending.

Crews were fighting the fires during extremely hot weather.

“Between the heat and the (heaviness of the) equipment, he was just overcome,” Perry Chief Wayne Emmon told NewsOK.com.

“He is our first fireman fatality,” Emmon said. “He was also the first fireman to win our Fireman of the Year award, in 2003.”

King had worked up through the ranks to the position of captain. He was the department's fire prevention officer, building inspector and training officer.

“He was a mentor to the younger firemen, and everyone looked up to him,” the chief told reporters.