Texas Man Rescued From 24-Foot Deep Trench


A construction worker was rushed to the hospital Thursday after falling into a trench at a work site on the southwest side of San Antonio.

According to fire officials, workers were installing a new drainage pipe near the intersection of Briggs Avenue and Barlite Boulevard when a bucket fell off one of the excavators.

The 28-year-old worker was standing where the excavator operator was moving the bucket when it snapped off, falling into a 24-foot deep trench. When the bucket hit the bottom, it knocked the worker into the trench and he fell about 20 feet, landing on top of the metal bucket.

The worker suffered several injuries to his legs, including a possibly dislocated hip.

Firefighters with the technical rescue team were able to pull the victim out in a litter basket. He was taken to University Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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