Man Rescued by Vegas Firefighters Improves

type='node' cid='430125' />The condition of a man that was rescued from his northwest Las Vegas home after it caught fire late Monday night has greatly improved.  He talked with fire officials today and hinted that he hopes to be going home soon.

 Firefighters responded to the Rio Vista St. home after a fire started in a bedroom due to careless smoking.  The man evacuated the house and was waiting outside for help when he decided to return inside the burning home to retrieve his car keys.  He entered the house that was filled with dense smoke and didn’t come back out.  After firefighters arrived on scene a search was done of the house and the man was found nearly lifeless in a back bedroom on the floor.

He was rescued by firefighters and taken into a LVFR rescue unit where medical personnel from Fire & Rescue performed advance medical procedures on the man and then transported him to the Burn Unit at University Medical Center.

The fire causes $75,000 damage and was ruled accidental.