Colo. Crews Rescue Pregnant Cow From Well

ERIE, Colo. --

Firefighters used a crane and some creative rigging to rescue a pregnant cow that fell down an 8-foot well in Erie.

"We got called to a cow in a well and we got here (and) obviously found a cow in a well," firefighter Ben Carter of Mountain View Fire District told the Daily Camera.

The bovine drama began at about 3:30 p.m. Friday when the cow fell backward into the well at 12166 Jay Rd., Deputy Chief Steve Pischke said.

Arriving firefighters found the cow wedged up against a platform in the well about 8 feet down. Two firefighters descended into the well to dismantle the platform and free the cow, officials told the Camera.

"We got some fire hoses under it to use as slings, and a crane operator came and lifted it out," Carter said. "Now the cow is laying on the ground over here."

The entire rescue lasted about two hours. Firefighters said the cow was walking around and appeared to be fine.

Pischke said many firefighters in his agency have gone through animal rescue training, but the cow-in-a-well dilemma was a first.

"We've never had a cow, but we've pulled horses out of the mud and things like that before," Pischke told the Camera.

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