Man Struck by Fire Hose From Mass. Engine

An elderly man was hospitalized Thursday after he was hit by a hose that deployed from the side of a Revere fire engine, according to WHDH-TV.

The 70-year-old man was standing on a street corner as Engine 4 made a turn, whipping the 200-foot long fire hose around, knocking him to the ground.

A family member told the news station that the man was transported to the ICU with broken bones and a concussion.

The entire incident was captured on a surveillance camera.

Officials said the firefighters on board had no clue what had occurred and exited the rig to find the man lying on the pavement.

"It wasn't transmitted what had occurred, I just knew the inflection of the voices of the officers calling for additional help that something was drastically wrong," Fire Chief Gene Doherty said. "It was a terrible thing. It was terrible seeing that gentleman lying on the ground as the guys were working on him."

The man was still hospitalized Friday morning but was expected to recover.

Doherty said he has ordered specialized netting to go over the hose to ensure such an incident doesn't happen again.